We ride on into the episode with a review of Deadpool, and then all hell breaks loose when we decide to discuss the issues with the new Ghostbusters Trailer. Oh but wait, we are looking forward to the film, and we want to put an end to all the nasty sexism that is flying, hitting hard against the production crew and cast of the brand new reboot. All these women want to do is work hard and entertain. Can we give them a chance? Also we talk about trailers for 10 Cloverfield Lane, Purge 3: Election Year, Witch and that's pretty much it.

Having made our escape from certain "death by spice" we decided to put our attention to "life in space". Sitting around the campfire, we looked up and found a common goal. To review Interstellar while it is still fresh in the minds of all. Before the onset of the Oscars from which Interstellar is called up for technical awards. We do wonder how it slipped brest picture nomination whereas Gravity had 10 nominations including best picture.

Maybe it was all because of the science. Science can be overwhelming... but then so can the smell of dead boy band flesh..


Andy has always been a magnet to the iron of film bringing about past skills from film production, and website design. His background is firmly set within the music industry having played professional for over a decade. His skills have brought him to bring music to the lives of many others through practical guideance through tuition.

His lean to the macabre, the daring, the obscure and rare film experience has brought him through to be an advocate for open minded cinematic ideals. Andy has a passionate and natural feel to film editing and approaches production hands on. An avid writer as well as a consumate artist infront and behind the camera.

Stephen is a highly motivated, passionate writer who also dabbles in web design, graphic art, as well as podcast host, film enthusiast and odd-jobs-man, in front and behind the production curtain. He has the ability to vary his style to suit multiple "writing venues" from short stories, screenplays, radio scripts and even advertorials campaigns. Most recent short films have seen him evolve his music ability and plans to bring about more music in future projects.

His professional development includes an outside-the-box approach and believes that the learning never stops, and neither does his need bring story to life.

Below is Stephen's overview creative cv (pdf file).


We're back into podcasting. This time we're making a run of film reviews. Now, we're not sticking to the rules of talking only about what is popular or hot in the cinema. We have a responsabilty to find all kinds of films, especially those that may be slipping through the gaps, or movies that we loved that nobody seems to remember. So from old to the new, from the bizarre and the downright bad. We're going to sit through all that we can, and on a weekly basis, you can listen to our banter: coming from not only film fanatics, but lovers of the craft.

Now we have several things that we look for in a film:

1) Bechdel Test: To pass this test, for each film reviewed, we can ascertain that at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. It is believed that most films will fail this test (as a direct reference to sexism within the film industry)

2) A scare is delivered on the E of the 3. When you count in for a scare, the ones that get you or make you jump are not neccessarily delivered on a true count of any specific number of beats. The scare is most affective when it hits you off the beat, hence the E of the 3 reference to music. (rule created by Andrew Lewin)

ADDITIONAL NOTE: We have lately given the term: syncopated jump scare.

3) Working with the Fear: this is something we look at when we decide whether directors and or actors are giving themselves over to the project or merely, aware of their status as a money magnet and decide to "lay it out" or "Phone it in" and just give an average performance for what can be described as an overpaid effort.

First time directors often work WITH the fear, so they work hard enough that you can see the vains popping in their work. Actors who work with the fear can be new or veterans. They tend to perform above and beyond as if living in fear of never working again.

4) The AP (+#) certification rule: Bad films are often better watched with a group, and sometimes a crowd. Some bad films simply shouldn't be watched. Where most films are rated by age and content restrictions, the AP+# rating provides information that states, that it is a film that requires AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION, (in other words, its fun to experience it by screaming at the screen). The number determines the recommended ammount of people needed for the film to be enjoyable.

Example: "Birdemic" is an aweful film but should be studied to learn what not to do when trying to make a bad movie. AP+3 (meaning audience participation of 3 or more people) in order to enjoy this film.

However, "The Room" would have an AP+20 which means you need to enjoy this film with a crowd. This rule only applies to films that require audience participation. A film that does not qualify? When what the director has put on the screen is enough to be enjoyed no matter how many people are watching it. In any other case, keep quiet and enjoy the film as delivered.



"Bag it up!"- Stephen

"Take it to the Beaver!"- Andy

"The Clock is Running!"- Stephen

"What would Michael Bay do?"- Both

"I'm like a homeopathic film reviewer. 0.5 substance, the rest is just nothingness."- Andy

"You explain what it is, because I
don't want to. " - Andy (About The Room 2003)

Don't get me started on fractional reserve lending" - Andy

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