00:00:00 - Into the Woods mixed with Blair Witch opening.

00:00:40 - Music Intro

00:01:20 - The hosts - a lot of snow.

00:02:10 - Into the Woods Trailer.

00:03:05 - The weird ending to the trailer.

00:03:20 - It's all been written before.

00:04:30 - Stephen's take: needy and desperate.

00:04:50 - Every school and college wants too do this.

00:05:10 - Why steal one when you can steal all fairy tales - 1 big production

00:05:30 - Multiple princesses and princes means low suicide rating in schools caused by failed vanity and low self esteem.

00:06:50 - Thank god it's ending... it's a mess. Goes on for another hour.

00:07:35 - The Jeremy Kyle Disney Eastenders - everybody loses.

00:10:00 - Lack of self awareness for the characters motivations.

00:10:30 - Witch smashes the door down for no reason. appear dissapear.

00:11:20 - Sing me one of the songs... are they memorable.

00:13:10 - Into the Woods: like White Noise.

00:15:00 - Meryl Streep did her job but didn't elevate the material.

00:15:30 - No fear for any character.

00:17:10 - Tracy Ullman is the best part of the movie,

00:18:50 - Russel Crowe in Les Miserables - Tried!

00:22:00 - Everybody is tryig too hard, serious...

00:22:50 - Frozen conspiracy Theory - Indiana Jones connection

00:24:20 - Princes are all evil. Can't trust the Monarchy.

00:25:00 - Never watching this again.

00:25:45 - All the properties that Disney own.

00:31:00 - Disney and the Illuminati

00:32:00 - Lion King - bottom - I like big butts but I cannot lion king.

00:35:10 - Sneaky immature animators - sex imagery.

00:37:10 - The Shining - Stanley Kubrick conspiracy.

00:38:10 - If you're angry and you want to find stuff, everything can link to the concept of the illuminati.

00:39:30 - Illuminati is a smokescreen to whatever is hidden behind... this has nothing to do with Into the Woods... or does it.

00:47:30 - Beauty and the Beast - abusing relationship, but deep down there's more to the beast. -

00:47:45 - Cheryl Cole "Fallen for a Monster" song blatent message of an abusive relationship.

00:48:30 - Shutterbug - it's okay to be watched. Get used to it. preparing for 1984 scenario.

00:51:00 - Letter to Disney - sums things up.

00:56:20 - Disney channel condones bullying?

00:59:20 - Warm enough? Frozen... let it go... Fix-a-upper.

00:59:50 - Andy Lists all the upcoming productions from Disney.

01:00:00 - Disney Sing along - you understand me

01:00:30 - The environmental gangster advert.


I can't get the song out of my head. It's not even a song. It's a fragment of a melody and the repetition of three simple words "Into the Woods"... Or as Disney call it, "Show me the Money!"
Well, this is one of those shows where the gloves come off, and we reveal a little of what could have been a nothing cinematic experience.


You have to be kidding me!

There's no way in hell that you will expect me to be dragged through this film again. Instead. I will show other things instead.


@Crayonix_iam : I just watched into the woods! It's amazing I love it. But the fairy tale world kinda sucks and I'm glad we have phones and mini fridges!

@StephenPRadford : Didn't it feel like you were being dragged through a hedgerow and across the graveyard of original fairy-tales?

@JonLevyIsLame : Just watched a guy escape someone's trunk and run off into the woods. The other guy came back and saw he was gone he peeled out real fast.

@StephenPRadford : This sounds like a movie... Please say that there's more to this?

@kellyrbrinkman : Just watched some girl go to park her car, hit the gas instead of the break and go flying into the woods...

@StephenPRadford : Was she singing "Into the Woods" in a loop of hysteria? I think Disney might have something to do with this.

@TaraPollard99 : Just watched Into The Woods. This was really a Broadway success? Tuneless music, rediculous story. Horrible.

@StephenPRadford : We had to review this for a podcast last year. Revisiting it and can't bear to watch it again. Glad you're on our side!


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