00:00:00 - Previously on Frame By Frame

00:01:25 - Opening Theme

00:02:15 - Stephen harmonica - girl scout camp - fire and batteries

00:03:40 - Squirrel on the fire.

00:03:55 - Looking up at the night sky. Stars in Their Eyes

00:05:00 - Stars - Cosmos - Carl Sagan

00:05:35 - Into Stella - Porn film

00:06:00 - Trailer for Interstellar

00:06:55 - Christopher Nolan's Intertellar

00:07:40 - Not the porn film - shorter, better music

00:07:55 - The science of Interstellar

00:09:00 - Ikea Wormholes

00:10:10 - Went to Ikea and kidnapped by Spice girls at the same time.

00:10:30 - What did we love about Interstellar.

00:11:00 - I could not fire motivation to leave a family.

00:11:55 - Motivation and then - mysterious sound.

00:12:15 - Typical hollywood moment - motivation. saying things that no one says as they already know that information.

00:12:50 - John Luthgow impression.

00:14:00 - The incredible code that is too easily found.

00:14:30 - Three weeks but they arrives the same time as they leave.

00:15:00 - Stephen's Mother - in the tradition of Psycho.

00:16:40 - How did MC find the base. Because of dust... How do you decipher dust... and determine a geo location.

00:18:00 - I suppose you can go along - not the best of the best.

00:18:35 - Dave Bowman 2001 A Space Odyssey is the only man you need on the mission.

00:19:40 - Leaving space using a rocket - then they can just land / leave any other planet without effort.

00:20:40 - Time time.......... music? time loop Koyaniskatsee.

00:21:10 - Stockholm syndrome - Spice girls and Hugh Grant.

00:21:46 - how they figure out what is on the planet but they only know the water planet is what it is until they land on it. Sensor warranty?

00:24:00 - The robot in natural state is the monolith.

00:24:44 - Inspector Gadget robot.

00:24:00 - The water planet - rant. and the death of the man on water planet.

00:27:30 - No need for a rocket to leave.

00:29:00 - The sci fi film LOVE. Psychological survival. Not strong in Interstellar.

00:31:30 - These astronauts have no idea what they are doing. Prometheus all over again.

00:32:25 - Matt Damon crying... We like Matt Damon but he doesn't fit. Playing the Matt Damon card, incase you weren't into the film.

00:33:30 - Shia Labouf with the bag on his head instead of Matt Damon would have been fun.

00:36:00 - Are physicists like the Big Bang Theory - laugh track. (We can't even be not funny)

00:37:30 - Digital film takes away a certain ammount of fear. Nolan uses film and doesn't always know the final outcome of every shot.

00:40:45 - Running trend. Everybody is running because of the social forced trend. Nobody will want to become a scientist because of Intertellar.

00:42:00 - Spinny spaceship. big screen IMAX. How 2001 affected people.

00:45:15 - Maconssance man

00:48:00 - We're all made of dust.... dust....

00:54:10 - What if Michael Bay made Interstellar. Where Orgasm is the universal constant.

00:58:00 - Bill Hicks - here's Tom with the weather.

00:58:25 - Is this the ending. A pub sign swinging in the breeze.... It's the Winchester.

00:59:25 - The environmental gangster advert.


Having made our escape from certain "death by spice" we decided to put our attention to "life in space". Sitting around the campfire, we looked up and found a common goal. To review Interstellar while it is still fresh in the minds of all. Before the onset of the Oscars from which Interstellar is called up for technical awards. We do wonder how it slipped brest picture nomination whereas Gravity had 10 nominations including best picture.

Maybe it was all because of the science. Science can be overwhelming... but then so can the smell of dead boy band flesh...







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