00:00:00 - Music Intro

00:00:54 - Two cans of Fosters, Keep the best export the rest.

00:01:30 - Winchester pub...

00:03:00 - So the Cornetto Flavour Trilogy.

00:05:00 - Shaun of the Dead

00:11:00 - The Foreshadowing of everything that happens.

00:12:40 - Andy's easter eggs list of Shaun of the Dead.

00:30:00 - Product placement talk. Stop it Michael Bay. There is a right way of doing it. Hot Fuzz.

00:38:00 - Swan and omage.

00:40:00 - The Western genre... action films.

00:40:50 - Another Drink before we introduce, World's End.

00:53:00 - The Mad Max character emerges... references life instead of referencing art.

01:02:00 - Blue reference song - scrambled to avoid YouTube copyright.

01:04:00 - 12 pubs and 12 steps to sobriety.

01:05:00 - Stephen's 0.05%: Shaun of the Dead: Head bandana, Simon Pegg reference to Deer Hunter.

01:05:53 - The environmental gangster advert.

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@StephenPRadford :

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@StephenPRadford :


We hit off on awards season with a trilogy of films that didn't win any Academy Awards. But it didn't need to. The Cornetto Flavours Trilogy made their money. The director mastered his craft and the cast leads, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have made it within the larger than life world of Hollywood, with A+ credits. There films are all very similar in style, but they all have the willingness to take a spin on the obvious cliche take on Zombie apocalypse, police action films and... science fiction pub crawls? I mean, what genres are we settling with here?


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