00:00:00 - In studio opening. Improving...

00:00:12 - Opening theme

00:00:55 - Welcome. To my Right is Andy Lewin. Comfortable in the role of Andy Lewin.

00:01:25 - We got home. Sound effects. Interesting few weeks.

00:02:30 - Spice Girls Superstore.

00:03:00 - The Films of Cameron Crowe - putting Almost Famous into my top ten list of all time favourite films.

00:03:55 - Difference between the directors cut and theatrical cut.

00:05:55 - To have Bladerunner on 5 screens to see the differences.

00:06:55 - Cameron Crowe deflowered? Andy went for some crazy times, but Stephen chickened out.

00:10:00 - It's all about the music. Cameron Crowe's staple.

00:10:30 - Pet Sounds is an album he gives to cast in order to tap into emotions. Never dark, there's always hope, touching...

00:12:25 - Vanilla Sky isn't Cameron Crowe. It's just watching Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise.

00:13:45 - You just want to spend a day with Cameron Crowe. You know it would be brilliant. You wouldn't want to spend a day with David Fincher...

00:14:00 - David Fincher has a good old chuckle watching Mork and Mindy while painting the screen black.

00:14:15 - Writing his next movie on the wall with poo. But what Andy means, if directors were in real life like their films...

00:14:30 - Imagine spending the day with Michael Bay. Girl in bakini, slapping her ass...

00:15:10 - Spending a day at Lynch's house, according to his movies, lots of coffee, weird masked people dancing... rabbits, shouting at you even though he's next to you.

00:15:40 - Cameron Crowe is as close to his movies in his own persona. Self representative of his personality.

00:16:25 - Stillwater - actually worked as a band.

00:16:50 - Andy is safe with Jason Lee.

00:18:45 - Having photos helps with the memories.

00:19:00 - Kate Hudson looks too much like a young Robert Plant. Groupie talk.

00:20:30 - Fixation with deflowering... Forget about my experience, I prefer to remember his experience!

00:21:30 - Please dont do that. it makes me uncomfortable.

00:22:20 - Francis McDormand. Fargo

00:24:15 - There's nothing she can do... That's all we have to say about that... but don't take drugs.

00:25:20 - Cameron Crowe makes being a fanboy okay. But there are rules of etiquette.

00:31:55 - Cameron Crowe doesn't work with fear... because he's been in the industry all his life... He has become it... Like Jodie Foster...

00:33:40 - Manchester is the closest we will ever get to LA. London is like New York... but Manchester is the LA of the UK. There's no real bit studio. many pockets. far and spread... even though nobody does anything and are awkward about the idea of filmmakers.

00:35:20 - Who do like better, John or me?

00:39:30 - Empire Records, Liv Tyler and Rene Zelwegger.

00:41:00 - Bonnie Hunt... Happy bonnie.... bonnie writing... Just funny.

00:42:30 - Tom Cruise. No matter what he does, he does work hard.

00:50:00 - Matt Damon... why does he have a zoo?

00:51:20 - Cameron Crowe is amazing... always sends personal birthday cards.

00:53:10 - Crowe wanting to do something different, that turned out to be Vanilla Sky.

00:54:00 - Cruise had just split from Kidman, so try something else to reaffirm his identity, but come back slowly.

00:54:50 - Hard on... twist my words and make it sound like dicks.

00:56:10 - Simon Pegg says Tom Cruise is the nicest man he has ever met. (but then doesn't that mean be nice to your money)

00:59:10 - Elizabethtown. The reason we didn't watch that was because of Orlando Bloom.

01:01:00 - Don't like the hype. I will like it once everybody shuts the fuck up about it.

01:06:00 - Eating a softmint

01:06:20 - If somebody else wrote about your life, what would be the TITLE, DIRECTOR, ACTOR, PLOT, 5 SONGS: If only Side of What if...

01:08:45 - Then I get Andy to edit this F&%$"$ synopsis to 25 words or less.

01:08:55 - Butchering the name of the soundtrack.

01:10:55 - Andy's: I suffer with brain stuff: David Cronenberg.

01:12:55 - What if Michael Bay made a movie of Andy's life.

01:14:00 - Stephen has his down to 25 words.

01:14:30 - What would happen if Michael Bay..... and cut.

01:14:40 - The environmental gangster advert.

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There isn't a lot we can say other than, Cameron Crowe is one of the golden nuggets found in the Hollywood movie gold rush of the late 20th Century. He makes it look easy, and with his background as a writer for Rolling Stone, he has experienced the entertainment industry from the outside of many boxes... looking in and out again. He's got the goods. He makes nice movies. Movies that make you feel right about the world. Although, there is Vanilla Sky....



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