00:00:00 - Leonard Nimoy, explaining Widescreen. (see notes)

00:00:50 - Opening theme.

00:01:30 - Feeling the loss of Leonard Nimoy.

00:02:30 - The Spock mug - forego the coffee. Reincarnation

00:03:35 - Nimoy keeping his illness background.

00:05:10 - Car Commercial

00:07:00 - Tv Commercial

00:07:25 - Deforest Kelly letter - weed - turn you on.

00:09:30 - Andy Lewin in the 70s - would have wrecked himself.

00:10:00 - What people don't get about Star Trek

00:11:05 - The list of Nimoy movies - part 1 (actor)

00:14:25 - Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

00:15:15 - Donald Sutherland's hair / Andy will use the fotonovel.

00:16:10 - Andy reads #1: IOTBS fotonovel. "Somewhere..."

00:17:30 - Sound design - Denny Zeitlin

00:19:40 - Andy reads #2: IOTBS fotonovel. "Just relax..."

00:22:40 - Andy reads #3: IOTBS fotonovel. "They continue..."

00:23:20 - The final scream - end scene of Invasion.

00:24:00 - Guy at work who looks like Donald Sutherland lookalike.

00:24:30 - Unrelated segway: Fan Film of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

00:27:30 - Back to Leonard Nimoy. IOTBS, he's not Spock.

00:28:50 - Leonard Nimoy cannot shake the Spock image.

00:32:35 - Andy reads #4: IOTBS fotonovel. "I just gave ..." - in sync with Leonard Nimoy.

00:33:00 - Star Trek Movies. Motion Picture and Star Trek 2.

00:35:55 - Nimoy's last Twitter post / listening to Star Trek 2 Suite.

00:41:00 - Star Trek 3, Star Trek 4.

00:45:10 - Star Trek 5,

00:47:45 - The list of Nimoy movies - part 2 (actor)

00:51:50 - Nimoy singing - Highly Illogical.

00:52:15 - Star Trek Online virtual fan tribute. (See right)

00:56:00 - The list of Nimoy movies - part 3 (director)

00:56:30 - Three Men and a Baby

00:59:50 - The cardboard cutout of Ted Danson (TMB Ghost)

01:02:20 - Leonard Nimoy: an incredible career.

01:07:00 - Space, the Final Frontier, in his own words.

01:07:35 - Row Row Row your Boat.

01:08:30 - The environmental gangster advert.


We lived all of our lives knowing that Leonard Nimoy was in this world. It was a comfort, and now that he has passed, the feeling of loss can be felt throughout this small planet. Yes, we are trek fans, but we also watched "In Search of..." and sang to celebrate Leonard Nimoy having a hammer. We felt comfort knowing that he was there to help Brooke Adams get over her paranoia in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and we were left to change nappies with three men in one of his more popular directing assignments. It's not just about a television character. It's about identifying with the greatest qualities that human nature has to offer. That nature is the force and life of Leonard Nimoy.



The 27th February will forever be known as the day that we lost an icon. That evening, while in the throws of getting to grips with the passing of Leonard Nimoy, I listened to a little music, spoke to friends and discussed the idea of doing a tribute podcast. It was then that I had tributes in mind. The one project that we were still enjoying his creative voice was none other than a game: Star Trek Online.

Leonard Nimoy had reprized his role, providing the “voice” of Spock to narrate many of the in-game story, instruction and accolade. It was as if something was calling. A need to boot up after probably a month or so of absence. (I genuinely do not get a chance to get into the MMPRG very often since the birth of our newborn)

I arrived in the Earth Starbase where I noticed it was business as usual. I beamed to my ship and took the short stint over to planet Vulcan. When I landed I noticed something different. There was a gathering, down the steps, and around the central fountain. It seemed that everybody who was there on Vulcan was standing in a circle as if giving their time to something of great importance. As these circle gatherings were rare, it didn’t take any time to realise that this was all in the name of remembering Leonard Nimoy.

Now, the Star Trek game has what we would call instances, which means map areas can be duplicated should there be far too many people roaming around in one particular instance. Think of it as a crossover into another dimension. There were over a dozen instances which mean that the Vulcan map had to be split over a dozen times to allow for the amount of visitors to the Vulcan fountain. Everybody stood, some standing to attention, some saluted and a few gave their vulcan salute. Not everybody has that option, so the military salute is something of a free for all option.

No matter the reasons, this was awe inspiring to see. To my knowledge, this was the first gathering of its kind: an online digital avatar gathering of people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to show their respects within such a worldwide venue such as Star Trek Online.

The people at Star Trek Online were also touched. It was probably a no-brainer that they would soon start to create a permanent memorial to Mr Spock and the position and location had already been chosen by those who had come to gather.

On the 5th March, the statue of Spock was released in-game. Now it was official.

You can pay your respects to the late and great Leonard Nimoy right here… in the heart of the imaginary universe that he helped create and maintain. Much of Leonard’s own influences – right down from the characteristics, to the vulcan hand salute – were consummated into the origin story of the Vulcan mysticism. His involvement in Star Trek – much like that of Mark Leonard, Gene Roddenberry, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, James Doohan and Deforest Kelley – will be here forever.

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