00:00:00 - In a pub, looking at menus.... possessed broadcast.

00:00:44 - ...Ghost documentaries and the fun connections.

00:01:00 - The Enfield Poltergeist / Conjuring 2

00:03:45 - The policewoman's account.

00:08:05 - Interference. Technical problems. batteries draining

00:09:10 - These girls believe they are haunted by a Poltergeist - voices by Janet.

00:09:50 - Not making any money, doesn't seem like its fun.

00:10:10 - Janet interviewed by Philip Scofield.

00:11:35 - A skeptic shouldn't go in saying what hey think happened. They can only speculate as to what did no ocurr.

00:13:30 - Lollipop ladies... you can trust them

00:16:40 - Leaping from the bed.

00:31:00 - Exorcist book - smell the book... get possessed.

00:35:00 - Conjuring 2 - What we didn't know.

00:41:00 - Anneliese Michel case - Exorcism of Emily Rose.

00:50:00 - White Angel, Urban Ghost Story.

00:52:00 - I would be happier if Michael Bay did Enfield, not Conjuring 2

00:54:00 - Ghostwatch

01:01:00 - Round and Round the garden, and then he came. All over Sara Greene

01:03:20 - Points of View!

01:08:10 - Phillip Scofield died and was replaced like Paul McCartney.

01:11:50 - Stephen's theory of impact, memory, ghost imprinted.

01:19:50 - The picture of the boy - Amityville case.

01:21:00 - Andy and Stephen are disturbed.

01:22:00 - Reva's bookcase is haunted.

01:24:00 - possessed voices.

01:24:30 - Very weird...

01:26:00 - What if there's a voice on the podcast. "i think its Fred"

01:26:30 - Stephen's ghost story. Andy's ghost story.

01:32:40 - Goodnight out there whatever you are.

01:33:55 - Environmental Gangsters.


Andy and Stephen scare each other as they discuss those real life events that inspired movies such as The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Poltergeist, and naturally, the Exorcist. We want to pretend that "The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist" doesn't exist, but alas, it's there.

We delve into the world of the Enfield Poltergeist and the Anneliese Michel case. We also talk about one of Britain's most controversial televised events: a drama known only as "Ghostwatch" which drew elements from the Enfield Poltergeist case. Ghostwatch was lathered with complaints in its portrayal of a live event which convinced many that what they were seeing was happening live, in real time and was absolutely real. They were then duped when they realized it was nothing more than a dramatization. That's right, our very own "War of the Worlds" event, but it lead to giving Anne Robinson (from the Weakest Link) a chance to leap ahead in her ratings. I wonder if we can blame Ghostwatch for her consuming popularity.



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