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00:00:00 - Supermarket Teaser.

00:00:54 - Opening Music.

00:01:45 - We were going to talk about The Room and Birdemic,,,

00:02:20 - Confession. Stephen watched Guardians of the Galaxy.

00:02:30 - We're not doing The Room and Birdemic... We're doing Guardians of the Galaxy.

00:05:50 - This film makes you let go of nit-picking. SF for the sake of entertainment.

00:06:20 - The Opening. Dying Mom... the music thread.

00:09:00 - Full on introduction to the universe and character.

00:14:45 - Sticks up their ass - Kevin Bacon.

00:16:45 - The Genders / The Agendas / The Agendas Versus General Filofax.

00:23:30 - Exposition - not groan worthy - not Morgan Freeman.

00:38:00 - Invested and emotional about characters.

00:40:15 - ET: the geranium is a chrisant.... not a geranium.

00:43:00 - Log Loser

00:46:00 - James Gunn acted in... open the vacuum cleaner: The Specials.

00:50:55- Scorsese impression, not Woody Allen

00:52:00 - Latency period between cinema release and owning the DVD.

00:53:00 - Blue Tooth Player.

00:54:15 - Ending, in a rocket ship,

00:54:50 - Liquid Storage Bags.

Once again we delve into the beautiful yet fractured world of the Alien franchise, charting through the uneasiness of Alien Resurrection only to find ourselves in crossover territory with Alien Versus Predator. Then we rush past Alien Versus Predator 2: requiem (simply because we couldn't even SEE anything happening in it) to find solace in the Ridley Scott adventure, Prometheus. We then go full circle with the amazing Alien Isolation game that takes you back to the original.


HASHTAGS: #GuardiansoftheGalaxy #framebyframe #revisted

I realise something important about movies like this. You cannot watch them passively. Too much going on, and it's a ride. A good ride, but if you are not fully invested you will not enjoy watching or rewatching it. That goes for any movie, or film (remember a movie is a ride, a film is an experience - my rules)

But sure, movies should be seen on a big screen in a movie theatre. Some movies you can squeeze onto a smaller format if there's enough "filmic" qualities to the movie. But here we go. Not exactly full on.

Still a great movie. A lot of fun. Great central characters and enjoyable Kevin Bacon references.

16th October 2016

  • @StephenPRadford : Opening scene: don't we all want to be abducted by aliens after losing a loved one?
  • @StephenPRadford : So apparently this is a little known Marvel comic creation. Pretty successful risk.
  • @StephenPRadford : Guardians reminds me of two films: Masters of the Universe and the Fifth Element.
  • @StephenPRadford : I made an assumption during Jurassic World that Chris Pratt is in every movie out at the time.
  • @StephenPRadford : That Chris Pratt assumption was wrong. He's just in several big movies, standing lead for both.
  • @StephenPRadford : So I'm up to the round-up, usual suspects get to know your characters sequence. It's allowed.
  • @StephenPRadford : the score seems only good for deep talking hammer weilding bag guys. Not invested in Thanos.
  • @StephenPRadford : The bad guys in this movie (except Rooker) are such a yawn. At least main characters are anti-led.
  • @StephenPRadford : Apparently Chris Pratt stole his Star Lord costume from the set... more (1 of 2)
  • @StephenPRadford : So he could show up in costume to visit sick children in the hospital as Star Lord. (2 of 2)
  • @StephenPRadford : The Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy. It's a mix tape! It's a MIX TAPE!
  • @StephenPRadford : People who argue that Vin Diesel was overpaid forget that he recorded in many other languages.
  • @StephenPRadford : Also Vin Diesel made over a thousand versions of each "I am groot".
  • @StephenPRadford : Several Chris Pratt improvisations were kept. Probably used to that method in Parks and Rec.
  • @StephenPRadford : "Ik ben groot" in het nederlands.
  • @StephenPRadford : The Collector (Benicio Del Toro)... a mix of Rutger Hauer (Bladerunner) and Sting (Dune)
  • @StephenPRadford : I can't really intellectualize any reason why I didn't finish GOTG revisit. I drifted...
  • @StephenPRadford : I don't need to watch this movie too often. It belongs in cinema that much is certain.
  • @StephenPRadford : It's not like Star Wars (original trilogy) which you can watch at home and in theatre.
  • @StephenPRadford : Busy movies demand pure attention. The older I get the more distracted I get. Is that possible?

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