00:00:00 - VIDEO opening, the story behind this special edition podcast.

00:01:40 - Opening Theme.

00:02:20 - The clock is running,

00:03:45 - Cocktail

00:06:00 - Tom Cruise and Brian Brown. Detatched from reality.

00:10:00 - Pedestrian setup... corruption from Brian Brown, money is good.

00:11:20 - Why Andy is mentally scarred by Cocktail.

00:11:40 - Andy's Mom and Dad made whoopi that night after the movie.

00:12:20 - Cocktail is a movie you can't forget, but there's nothing about the movie that you can take with you.

00:13:10 - Elizabeth Shue's character is the embodyment of everything Flannigan is told chase: What you try to run away from you end up running right into. ES pretends not to be rich.

00:13:45 - Cocktail: what is this movie trying to tell you? You need another movie to compare it to.

"All you need to know about the USA can be learned by watching the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Cocktail starring Tom Cruise." - Dan the Man Morales.

00:15:00 - Stephen: as a kid, I wanted to be flair bartender, as did Andy.

00:15:45 - Top Gun, Tom Cruise not only flew planes, he was the plane - wore a plane suit.

00:16:20 - paying customers don't complain, they are watching a show. Nobody cares about how long it takes for them to get a drink just as long as there is a specicle. - no grounds in reality.

00:17:40 - Why would a rich cougar (learn-ed) go for a small time bartender, and not go for a model, or somebody of higher stature.

00:18:30 - Love Actually: British guy who goes to the USA to get laid. and he ends up getting what he wants. MYTH. Brian Brown pitches the rich woman idea, and the idea runs to Tom Cruise without effort.

00:20:30 - Nobody earns what they get in the American Dream.

00:21:00 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre is as much a celebration of the American freedom chasing that is present in Cocktail.

00:22:00 - The American dream is to: lie?

00:22:20 - The American dream is: to be in a dream. To be drunk on the dream without consequence of a hangover. As is Riding in a van across Texas is a freedom.

00:23:00 - Freedom of options, freedoms of choice.

00:23:45 - So in Cocktail, everything is an illusion: and perhaps that is either true in Texas Chainsaw, or reality is the realisation that it is no longer a dream when things go wrong. (reality check).

00:24:35 - First opening scene of Texas Chainsaw Massacre

00:27:15 - Living the dream. Freedom. Hitchhikers dangerous? Nah! - Love thy neighbour. We known from TCM and The Hitcher that hitchhiking is dangerous. Not done here. 70's america was free.

00:28:30 - TCM, once they pick up the hitchhiker, it takes a bit of an ugly turn,

00:28:45 - Show me your knife: REALITY - NOPE!

00:29:10 - Only when hitchhiker cuts Franklyn gets cut, does the hitchhiker get tossed out. Moments after, they are OVER IT... back to the dream.

00:30:00 - Using the same knife to prepare for food - BLOOD FEARS - STD's to Cocktail.

00:31:00 - Kirk knocks on the door, LET'S GO - NOPE!

00:32:00 - Kirk is slaughetered like cattle - Pam, not all that concerned just wandered into the house. Same thing happens again.

00:32:20 - The Meat Hook.

00:33:25 - Sexist design of letting the guy go first, the woman innocently goes second, so we are more fearful of her because of dramatic irony.

00:33:35 - The male audience is a menace to the woman who survives a horror movie, because we are the ones who want to comfort her, put an arm around her... back to Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

00:34:00 - The meat hook! Didn't need to see it come through the other end. Dangling.

00:35:10 - Jessica Beil - 7th Heaven splice of TCM

00:37:30 - How did the sequels to TCM go so far away from the original template? Soul and heart not present.

00:39:00 - Commerical Break

00:40:00 - COMPARISON: Both movies open with cars driving across country. Main characters going back to their roots.

00:41:30 - COMPARISON: Sally represents the drawing of family, which is why she wins at the end - fucking off the encounter with the family of cannibals, as Brian is at the end embracing family but flipping off the past chaos and focusing on their change/journey.

00:42:10 - Sally - laughs at the freedom, Brian is under the illusion, celebrating his lifetime of being domesticated. Freedoms are either pure or insidious.

00:43:23 - Brian Brown is leatherface, and the only thing that survives is Brian keeping the woman on his shoulder: the survivor Sally. All they have in common is FAMILY AND FREEDOM. Friends are all in the past.

00:43:35 - Pam: the woman in red pants - represents Brian's dreams through prophecy. Astrology, and faith in what they want. Doug/Leatherface kills the dream straight away.

00:44:20 - Franklyn: Brian's admittion of helplessness, and not accepting his own limitations. Brian like Franklyn always needs somebody there to push him along the narrative. Brian/Franklyn when left to their own devices, find themselves vulnerable for attack.

00:45:00 - Franklyn - the actor who played him, method acting used to irritate actress who played Sally, but she/ and her character learnt to put up with him. Doug/Leatherface makes sure Brian is always vulberabe, raw and pushes his emotions to the edge. On his own, Brian is nothing.

00:46:00 - Kirk - Pam's boyfriend - Brian's ability to look for solutions. Doug/Leatherface kills off his ability to find solutions for his problems, shepherding him purely to his depths of ruination. Doug makes all his decisions for him, eliminating his need for Kirk from Brian's brain.

00:46:50 - The problems and solutions of Brian Flannigan.

00:47:30 - Jerry - is the leader - Doug/Leatherface doesn't want leaders, so they must be killed off too.

00:49:20 - So what does this tell you about America? Honesty and dishonesty. Naivity is a freedom - What you don't believe can't hurt you.

00:50:00 - Sally leaves - the most free person in Andy's perspective is LEATHERFACE. Leatherface looks like he's celebrating his freedom. Not an attack on the American dream... this is the dream.

00:51:00 - Freedom is doing whatever it is you want to do. Sally might not be free. Sally is scarred for life - Tom Cruise has to accept this is his life now and even though he is happy at the end, deep down, he will still struggle to accept what he has left behind.

00:54:00 - Sally screaming at the table - laughing - I wonder if it's like that in Buckingham Palace.

00:54:30 - Hitchhiker - represents New York to Brian Flannigan.

00:56:20 - The shit will certainly hit the fan.

00:57:15 - Family of cannibals are FREE - they don't need to work at the slaughterhouse, If it wasn't for the killing, they'd be honest hermits.

00:58:25 - Take That and Party - an attack and a celebration - Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Cocktails and Dreams.

01:00:00 - What's next is in another language - the film not us.

01:01:00 - Fin!

The podcast which you are about to listen to is an account of the tragic meeting between two film fanatics whom had fallen upon the sharp words of a social media post that put them on a path to do the impossible. No, this isn’t the podcast where they finally review Spice Girls the Movie. What you’re about to listen to go far deeper… which isn’t difficult.

On the 3rd August 2015, Stephen read the post from Dan the Man Morales – beloved punk hardcore music entertainer who’s songs include I want you, I love you Lindsay Logan and Slut Hunt – not to be confused with the children’s classic story, we’re going on a bear hunt – anyway, Dan the Man Morales wrote:

"All you need to know about the USA can be learned by watching the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Cocktail starring Tom Cruise." - Dan the Man Morales.

This quote blew Stephen’s mind, and Andy was also fascinated – which was probably down to a mixture of post exorcist Christening cake and hard liquor – he posed the notion of doing a podcast based on Dan the Man Morales’ post. They could not have expected nor would they have wished to see as much of the mad and macabre as they were to see two weeks later when they sat down to record the podcast that would blow the minds of the fans – both of them. For them an idyllic summer afternoon recording session became a nightmare. They had to talk about the movie Cocktail. Things got better when they compared it with the discovery of one of the most bizarre crimes in the annals of American history, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.



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