00:00:00 - Arriving in Twin Peaks.

00:00:52 - Intro, Music,

00:01:41 - Watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now Sad

00:02:45 - Hello Diane. Tape Recording.

00:04:00 - Fire Walk With me: One of Andy's favourite films.

00:10:00 - Who killed Laura Palmer spoiled before season 2

00:11:45 - Sheryl Lee best performance

00:13:52 - Twin Peaks Season 3 or mini series.

00:21:12 - Little interruptions and garbage men.

00:31:00 - The wind tunnel reference / Arlinton Road

00:33:55 - If somebody sees this cold, without Twin Peaks...

00:47:50 - The fear.

00:49:50 - E of the 3 - Laura's face changes.

00:51:30 - Two thumbs up - wherever you want to put your thumbs.

00:52:30 - "One day my log will have something to say about this."

00:52:36 - Liquid Storage bags!

David Lynch was never going to be too far away from our reviewing minds. He is the painter of the film industry and is not afraid to stick to a vision without sacrifice. There are no product placements, and you cannot watch it on a phone. It's Twin Peaks but darker, and doesn't shy away. It is FIRE WALK WITH ME.


HASHTAGS: #FireWalkWithMe #framebyframe #revisted

A double revisit with both Andy (as FramebyFrame78) and Stephen working through the feature live on Twitter on the 10th February. The film inspired them in 2014 to make CaCo3. It has inspired them once again to revisit the Projection feature film project. So much so that they're making calls...

But that's enough of that... here's the revisit.

9th February 2016

  • @framebyframe78 : Tomoz at 9:30am we will be live tweeting along with #TwinPeaks FWWM. Get involved! #TwinPeaks #DavidLynch

10th February 2016

  • @framebyframe78 : Twin Peaks Fire Walk With me. Why not? It's one of our favourite films...... #TwinPeaks
  • @StephenPRadford : We're revisiting Fire Walk with Me today.
  • @StephenPRadford : I have the screen paused on Spelling Film International. on IMDB however, it is not listed under Spelling Film International.
  • @framebyframe78 : Angelo badalamenti's beautiful score sends me straight back too Twin Peaks
  • @framebyframe78 : The static TV screen and then pull back and smash! @DAVID_LYNCH saying goodbye too TV networks?
  • @framebyframe78 : David Lynch's hard of hearing Gordon is always hilarious.
  • @StephenPRadford : OREGON! Plus the school bus hold-up. It's a painting!
  • @StephenPRadford : the early nineties were great for dramatic movies. Sutherland and Isaac both look the part.
  • @framebyframe78 : Nobody does small town paranoia and the seediness behind white collar America as well as Lynch does.
  • @StephenPRadford : I'm in danger of being inspired to make short films, or surrealist theatre... any will do me just fine!
  • @framebyframe78 : "You wanna hear about our specials? We don't have any." Great line.
  • @framebyframe78 : Harry Dean Stanton. Legend.
  • @StephenPRadford : And again, look at Harry Dean's outfit. The clashing of flannel and flannel. A good old cup of Morning America!
  • @framebyframe78 : Agent Cooper! and now enters the legend David Bowie. Love that man!
  • @framebyframe78 : "We live inside a dream."

  • @StephenPRadford : Only we know about all the wonderful coffee & cherry pie that will appear in his future.
  • @framebyframe78 : Sheryl Lee's performance in this film is oscar worthy.

  • @StephenPRadford : He comes through my window at night - Oh Bob, you are such a card!
  • @StephenPRadford : @framebyframe78 how many films can truely inspire. Didn't this make us want to make Caco3?
  • @framebyframe78 : This guy has issues.
  • @StephenPRadford : Suddenly. we stop tweeting on the revisit because @framebyframe78 and me both want to go and make movies.
  • @framebyframe78 : "When this type of fire starts it's very hard to put out."

  • @StephenPRadford : Log lady is always fun. Every film should have a lady holding an inanimate.
  • @StephenPRadford : The nightclub scene where the music is louder than the dialogue. Totally works
  • @framebyframe78 : Incredible scene. I prefer it without the subtitles.




"Diane..." The Twin Peaks Tapes Of Agent Cooper

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