00:00:00 - Dystopeia / New Year 2015 / 12 people

00:01:00 - Acting wheezing / rubbing a pig.

00:01:24 - Music intro - with additional pig sounds.

00:02:15 - Post apocalypse - romance - you'll do.

00:04:15 - Maze Runner - the trailer

00:10:55 - The Grievers reference insert #1.

00:12:30 - Hosts don't realise that this is a book series.

00:13:50 - squisted and deaded,

00:14:05 - The Grievers reference insert #2.

00:15:15 - The Grievers reference insert #3.

00:17:25 - Jurassic World diversion to the trailer.

00:19:05 - Back to The Maze Runner / a test / two beefs

00:24:24 - Everything coming from Hollywood HAS to be a series.

00:25:30 - There's a tart - prostitute in the Hobbit.

00:28:10 - What do you think of Divergent?

00:31:45 - That was the trailer - I like it - kinda short.

00:32:45 - Dauntless - that's what they were called. Harry Potter.

00:34:00 - Other water sources are available.

00:37:10 - Stephen has cramp in his leg.

00:37:30 - Back to regular scheduled programming.

00:51:00 - It is still 1984.

00:53:00 - What are the world problems - our dystopia.

00:53:48 - The next wallstreet crash.

00:56:30 - The film wants you to think about everything it can't produce.

00:57:15 - TV dumbing people down. "My life isn't that bad." - slaves.

01:00:20 - Don't get me started on fractional reserve lending" - Andy Lewin.

01:02:00 - Humans love to be in control - counted - fear of not admitting that we prefer a post apocalyptic environment. Smaller numbers, easier to manage. Broken down... nice and easy.

01:04:30 - I went to Australia in a suitcase.

01:05:30 - Imagine if we didn't have the internet.

01:09:00 - Wrapping up now. We have to go and buy stamps.

01:09:40 - Cinedine Commercial



Because we actually don't care to get into watching the first two films again, we will instead tweet about their sequels, Insuregent and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.


HASHTAGS: #ScorchTrials #framebyframe #review

Out of the sequels, this one was more anticipated than Insurgent. Saying that, neither of them were on my watch list. I think there's a curiosity bound for the idea that there is somehing good to be found in the bigger picture. Did it live up to that at least?

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HASHTAGS: #Insurgent #framebyframe #review

So here we go with the short haired, let's go beyond the matrix with our abilities and see where we land. Will we get along with this sequel or will we be looking for the exits. The first film was okay, as a standalone, but to fit this into a series is something I wouldn't imagine. What would they do? Who knows... But let's find out shall we?

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@StephenPRadford :

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So here we are, hitting the first podcast of 2015 and what do we do? We rip the world a new hole with a post-apocalyptic review of two dystopian future (first in a series) science fiction action adventure movie: Maze Runner and Divergent. I supposed we could have been talking about many, many other films: The Hunger Games.... and....

So here we go, put on your pastel coloured all-in-one outfit, roll up your sleeves in an act of socially unexceptionable rebellion and listen to us as we cover the new year up in a blackout curtain...



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