00:00:00 - Music intro

00:00:54 - How are you doing? Everything you can?

00:01:13 - Walking on water.

00:02:00 - Birdman: Or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance.

00:04:40 - That's a really good trailer. What did the trailer tell you?

00:05:40 - Touching Edward Norton.

00:06:30 - Michael Keaton never went away.

00:07:50 - Pretending it was Diane Keaton. Trousers and nipples.

00:09:00 - No cuts... seamless... the whole film...

00:10:30 - The critic: most important scene in the movie.

00:11:05 - No bullshit in this movie - living and breathing.

00:13:30 - Walking and talking done right.

00:14:25 - You never lose lighting. Flows through.

00:16:10 - Lighting for CaCo3.

00:18:00 - Keaton and Stone.

00:19:15 - Vacant staring.

00:21:15 - Not afraid to have fear. Gutsy. Go in late, leave early. Here you don't even know how you got to the scene.

00:24:05 - Edward Norton is to multiple split personalities what Eddie Murphy is to latex: Primal Fear, Fightclub, Death to Smoochy, Incredible Hulk, American History X, Leaves of Grass... mirror work omage to his career.

00:26:15 - drum solo - Keaton has the fear?

00:27:30 - Superhero digs.

00:28:00 - Anger at the superhero, while opening the bottle of water.

00:30:35 - The Critic scene. You risk nothing. This play cost me everything. Should I be reviewing films?

00:33:15 - It's human nature to destroy, to break things down.

00:34:15 - Naomi Watts - not always nice - Walking out of interview with Simon Mayo for Diana.

00:35:15 - Michael Bay putting out awful sexist stuff out just to make money.

00:36:30 - Ambiguity.

00:37:00 - Is Birdman real? Are we Birdman?

00:40:20 - Let's talk about spoilers - is it a dying dream? What is real?

00:42:20 - The Emma Stone end - spiritual moment - perfect end.

00:43:30 - Masterful filmmaking - watch it again, it's different.

00:45:00 - Anything else for the end? no... it's too personal.

00:46:30 - Let's talk about the music.

00:47:00 - Music whole new level - SpiceWorld, but what we didn't mention: Death and the Maiden.

00:49:00 - Smart films bring out the smart review. Birdemic could never be as forgiving.

00:49:15 - A lot of bird films: Birdman, Birdemic.... Birdemic 2, Birdland. Didn't mention the Birds...

00:49:30 - Michael Keaton said he related to this character the least - even though we as an audience believe this is him... conceit.

00:51:45 - Many actors who feel they need to live in our pockets: Johnny Depp... George Clooney, Brad Pitt... Amy Adams, Tom Cruise always feels my presents.

00:53:15 - George Clooney. We like George Clooney even though he's always advertising... coffee.

00:53:45 - George Clooney is a great humanitarian.

00:54:00 - Michael Keaton - Buster Keaton connection. Comedy actor.

00:54:30 - Mel C was supposed to be Mel K, because she also liked Buster Keaton, but didn't know her alphabet.

00:55:15 - Air quotes, Comeback for Keaton - same for Micky Rourke.

00:56:00 - Micky Rourke, Ron Pearlman, Dude from Ghost - typecast.

00:56:45 - Mel C has amazing eyebrows.

00:57:00 - Commentary on the DVD - how they made it.

00:57:50 - What if Michael Bay directed Birdman? Mark Wahlberg, Wil Smith... Explosion. Leather and whips... John and Joan Cusacks are taking over the world.

01:00:00 - The gangsters to let you know how to contact people at Frame By Frame. "Trees are a beautiful thing."


When people see Michael Keaton top billing the poster for Birdman, they'd be forgiven for asking "where has he been all these years?" The answer is, Montana.. most of the time, and in studios/location for the consistent stream of supporting film roles. Actors like Keaton don't have to always be in the lime-light. We are reminded that he is a human being afterall.
Birdman is a rare treat, and despite finding link references to Spiceworld the Movie we came through this podcast without casualties.




Rarely does a movie have such a depth that it's hard to really see everything. I doubt this will be the last revisit I will make to this incredible, consuming, awe inspiring movie. It's a rare gift.

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@StephenPRadford : Good morning. Time for Birdman. Episode 9 revisit for Frame By Frame

@StephenPRadford : Iñárritu is making the link to Godard for stylistic reasons. His influence over the film is as an auteur.

@StephenPRadford : Shot of jellyfish in the credits isn't exactly a subtle subliminal shot. Yet, we missed it the first time.

@StephenPRadford : Know your cuts. When the camera swings away from Keaton, we know we're hitting a cut.

@StephenPRadford : Forgot to mention Zach's character in "Bored to Death" was an aspiring comic book hero "Super Ray"

@StephenPRadford : Super Ray's power is his schlong. A massive powerful Dune worm. That's all I have to say about that.

@StephenPRadford : We have a lot of mirrors in our house. That's all we need to make a film like Birdman right?

@StephenPRadford : To really get the feel of a Godard film, perhaps it would be nice to re-watch this film with French overdub.

@StephenPRadford : Ever since Kubric's Eyes Wide Shut, I notice deep perspective background elements are blue in so many movies.

@StephenPRadford : Following other characters... it almost seems too natural. We don't really know we left the previous scene.

@StephenPRadford : This was one of our brain expanding episodes of @framebyframe78.

@StephenPRadford : Keaton and Norton walk several blocks from Theatre to bar, Keaton strolls out of bar, arrives at theatre

@StephenPRadford : On my first viewing, I overlooked Emma Stone's performance. Now I realise, how hard she worked. Great stuff.

@StephenPRadford : Mulholland Drive kissing scene is homaged here also with Naomi Watts.

@StephenPRadford : I always feel uneasy when characters sit on the edge of ledges.

@StephenPRadford : I'm still watching. We have a baby in the house so had to pause for diapers. Nothing to do with the film.

@StephenPRadford : This movie is just too beautiful to watch. 36 seconds without anybody in frame.

@StephenPRadford : The most important scene in the entire movie. Powerful performances. Love it!

@StephenPRadford : Never noticed the critic leave the theatre after Riggins shoots himself on stage.

@StephenPRadford : I like the reference to Schrödinger's cat at the end - Riggins can be either alive or dead in this scene.

: Apotheosis, Schrödinger's cat, Icarus, Phoenix, Twilight Zone... it's all relative.


It goes to show that most things that are touched by this movie come out being smart, unlike other commentaries you find by fans on youtube, this one is detailed, well researched, specific and worthy of a film school reference.

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