Two films kick off this, our 20th episode. Both of them concern body shock changing experiences, and therefore the metamorphic change of both mind, body and nature break through to explore the unseen side of the human psyche. We also talk about the vagina dentata, simply because we had to study the Freud ridden theory of scopaphilia alongside the concept of the vagina dentata for extra kicks. The frantic brilliant nature of Starry Eyes and the low key personal self destruction of Honeymoon... and a little bit on Teeth. A film that can either bring out the immaturity of what can only be a fear of castration. That being said, these are movies cashing up the cash register of "cautionary tales"... there is no how to guide here.

We lived all of our lives knowing that Leonard Nimoy was in this world. It was a comfort, and now that he has passed, the feeling of loss can be felt throughout this small planet. Yes, we are trek fans, but we also watched "In Search of..." and sang to celebrate Leonard Nimoy having a hammer. We felt comfort knowing that he was there to help Brooke Adams get over her paranoia in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and we were left to change nappies with three men in one of his more popular directing assignments. It's not just about a television character. It's about identifying with the greatest qualities that human nature has to offer. That nature is the force and life of Leonard Nimoy.

There isn't a lot we can say other than, Cameron Crowe is one of the golden nuggets found in the Hollywood movie gold rush of the late 20th Century. He makes it look easy, and with his background as a writer for Rolling Stone, he has experienced the entertainment industry from the outside of many boxes... looking in and out again. He's got the goods. He makes nice movies. Movies that make you feel right about the world. Although, there is Vanilla Sky....

We hit off on awards season with a trilogy of films that didn't win any Academy Awards. But it didn't need to. The Cornetto Flavours Trilogy made their money. The director mastered his craft and the cast leads, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have made it within the larger than life world of Hollywood, with A+ credits. There films are all very similar in style, but they all have the willingness to take a spin on the obvious cliche take on Zombie apocalypse, police action films and... science fiction pub crawls? I mean, what genres are we settling with here?

Okay, so we gave up on the whole "we were sent to Israel instead of LA" gag, but we are working under other extreme circumstances. Talking about snubs isn't a popular thing, but we wanted to put this out as a cautionary tale. Remember that there are likely to be so many other reasons why a film doesn't get nominated beyond the pure and simple snub. The Oscars will be with us soon. George Clooney is already getting his suit ready. Meryl Streep is checking the "repeat annually" tag still works in her digital calendar and Charlie Sheen plans to oversleep... with far too many names to remember already in one bedroom.

We were supposed to fly to Los Angeles, but somebody got confused when I spotted Bill Gates at one of the Terminals at Heathrow and somehow, we found ourselves in Israel instead. The coffee is great! the oscars preview? It's all good! We have time on our hands to make sure we go through as many nominations as we care to run through. We might not have been able to watch everything but we've done pretty well to cover those that matter. The 87th Annual Academy Awards could be extremely interesting. Remember that part 2 will follow behind within the same day.

Having made our escape from certain "death by spice" we decided to put our attention to "life in space". Sitting around the campfire, we looked up and found a common goal. To review Interstellar while it is still fresh in the minds of all. Before the onset of the Oscars from which Interstellar is called up for technical awards. We do wonder how it slipped brest picture nomination whereas Gravity had 10 nominations including best picture.

Maybe it was all because of the science. Science can be overwhelming... but then so can the smell of dead boy band flesh...

Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey bring to light a dark and filthy tale of 7 deadly murders through 7 deadly sins.
We on the other hand are in over our heads with the unfortunate kidnap scenario. Having been abducted by the Spice Girls (yes, those five British has-beens) we find a way to cope by talking about the darkest yet most brilliant David Fincher film, Se7en. Only then do we muster the strength to figure out an escape plan. Will we get out of this one alive?

File A: The Standalone episodes

Please take a seat. Don't worry about the man in the corner smoking a cigarette. He isn't here because of anything you have done. You're job is to listen to this podcast and decide if what you hear is worthy of further investigation.

The X Files blasted onto our screen in 1993 and changed the world of supernatural, investigative television forever. We explored the standalone episodes (excluding the mythos episodes) and then something at the end takes Andy and Stephen by surprise.

I can't get the song out of my head. It's not even a song. It's a fragment of a melody and the repetition of three simple words "Into the Woods"... Or as Disney call it, "Show me the Money!"

Well, this is one of those shows where the gloves come off, and we reveal a little of what could have been a nothing cinematic experience.

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