See what I did there? Follows and leaves... as if having to explain makes it any less funnier. So Episode 30! We're still here. We're still finding new good horror movies, although, really, thinking about it, it's not really a horror.
I would class this as a supernatural thriller with historical ties with slasher movies of the 80s. With it's electronic synth score and it's evenly paced, brilliantly photographed presentation throughout, it's in the list of most effective films of its kind to come out since Halloween. That's saying something.

It is clearly a good time for "horror" and "scary" movies, and by the very thought of not being able to pin down a genre, there is a definite edge to this movie that stands out like a strikingly tall Swedish typist with a good sense of rhythm....... I hope it does well. and futhermore, I hope sequels don't suck.

Also in the news, David Letterman retires. You can tell the world will never be the same again.
Oh and Stephen's son is in the background. Please fund us so we can afford a babysitter!

What exactly makes a pure action movie? We can agree that action can exist in many forms, but if a romantic movie has a car crash, you can't exactly call it a romantic action movie? It's all about context and also, it's about the intent and delivery of that action. There is only one way to resolve this... FIGHT!

Actually no...

We run the course from the early silent movies through to the action cinema from Chinese superstar Jackie Chan right through the American muscle explosions... and then resting at Matt Damon and Keanu Reaves... and Tobey Maguire? Wait a minute! We need to define action! We can't have Tobey Maguire put in the same box as Arnie? Can we?..............

For several weeks of planning we (Andy and Stephen) could not decide what we wanted to review first. John Wick or Snowpiercer, both films we wanted to do but could we decide which one went first? No. So there was only one way we could decide. FIGHT! Oh, wait, that's not our show. We tossed a coin, but that coin did something we didn't expect.

So here we are, two films, very different all be their being action orientated, they come from totally different backgrounds, but do they end up in the same fight to the death? Will Chuck Norris start to factor in as the new reference figure instead of Michael Bay? Will Joss Whedon be able to defend himself from an army of misguided trouble-making fem-bots? Oh, and Keanu Reaves is back... Whhooow!

Andy and Stephen scare each other as they discuss those real life events that inspired movies such as The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Poltergeist, and naturally, the Exorcist. We want to pretend that "The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist" doesn't exist, but alas, it's there.

We delve into the world of the Enfield Poltergeist and the Anneliese Michel case. We also talk about one of Britain's most controversial televised events: a drama known only as "Ghostwatch" which drew elements from the Enfield Poltergeist case. Ghostwatch was lathered with complaints in its portrayal of a live event which convinced many that what they were seeing was happening live, in real time and was absolutely real. They were then duped when they realized it was nothing more than a dramatization. That's right, our very own "War of the Worlds" event, but it lead to giving Anne Robinson (from the Weakest Link) a chance to leap ahead in her ratings. I wonder if we can blame Ghostwatch for her consuming popularity.

Here we go! On the road and back again, just like Bilbo, except we went to an Odeon Cinema to watch Avengers Age of Ultron. This is something of a benchmark for us here on Frame By Frame to go see a film, review it and upload it in the same day but this is special, although it does mean we lose the cosey sound of the studio, so please, expect the natural world to compete with us from time to time.

With the UK release one week before the USA, we wanted to deliver fresh goods! With Avengers comes something of a milestone in Marvel's path within the era of the superhero movie. The Age of Ultron is the age of Marvel and we hope this isn't the peak. We hope there's more to come. Enjoy!

Here we are with part 2 and as we expected, it's a heavy one. Almost two hours riding through in our own unique way a portrait of stand-Up Comedy in the states, how it differs from that of the U.K and who those pioneers of the form are and why. I suppose we answered almost all of those questions, or at the very least, had a blast trying. We mark episode 25 with 9 posters for Frame By Frame - we however went with the Bill Hicks one as a cover... just because.

Three ghostly devil related psychological horror films from three completely different eras. Chronologically, The Innocents came out in 1961, the Amityville Horror in 1979 and Borderlands (international title, Final Prayer), 2013.

We aimed to do something a little different, looking at the angle of Amityville from a perspective of whether or not the actual house is the only attraction there is to find in Amityvlle. We found other things to do. The Innocents proved to be a film that set the bench mark in creepy kid cinema, but is not spoken of in any sense of the word, classic or otherwise. The Borderlands is one of those more recent happenings that also deserves attention, albeit not for the usual tear and share comments we would have for "found footage movies" but on merit that keeps things relative and realistic to the end. So sit tight, keep the light on and enjoy.

In true "Raiders of the Fandom" fashion, we discuss the power of the people in how fans of a cancelled television show can unite in their love and appreciation for a show to support two of Firefly's main cast members on a television project. Having already raised over 600% beyond their target, Fillion and Tudyk's "Con Man" has broken records in crowd funding for a creative project. This can't be ignored. This has to be celebrated. This is the power of fandom, and no networks or studios can ignore that. Firefly and Serenity, 14 episodes and one film. That's all it takes.

This is what you would call a spread out part 1 of 4 season of comedy podcasts. The reason why its a season? because at the end, Andy plan to do something a little crazy. Although the official end date for this adventure in podcast is up in the air, you can rest easy knowing that part 4 will be the main event.

That been said: this episode is all about British Comedy, in particular, stand-up. We cover the traits and delivery, chart the life and times of Stewart Lee, Billy Connolly, Eddie Izzard, Steve Cougan (as well as sidelining those comedians who we believe either play it safe, or don't do us justice) enjoy!

So in this episode, we get abducted - again - and we find ourselves in an alien restaurant known as Tiramisu (which is Italian for "Take me up") but that's quite lucky as it seems, both Andy and Stephen have watched a number of alien abduction movies at late. They seem ready to question the signs and the times of the film Fire in the Sky, and all too keen to get wrapped up in Christopher Walken's performance in Communion, and dwell over the questionable lack luster yet amiable Dark Skies - of which carries strength in that it has J.K. Simmons in it. - They don't even seem concerned that they are themselves surrounded by extra terrestrial lifeforms, but then again, after the ordeal they endured with the Spice Girls, an event such as this would be a cake walk.

**Warning: in this episode Stephen - a new parent finds himself stumbling into using a number of colorful metaphors in place of the many appropriate words that he has stored in his vocabulary. This episode is therefore classed as EXPLICIT... Nice one asshat!**

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